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BAC Member Advisers Team

John Nunnari

John Nunnari joined BAC in 2015 after a 40 plus-year career in the Petrochemical and Specialty Chemical Industry with Sohio (Standard Oil), BP Oil and retired from The Lubrizol Corporation. John was born raised and educated in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Cleveland West Technical High School and Cleveland State University.  John is an engineer and international businessman.

After joining BAC in 2015, John has served on the Executive Committee (EC), as Second VP, First VP and President of BAC. He is currently a member of the EC and Head of Mentoring and Fundraising Committees.  John is an active member of the Marketing, Counseling, Technology, Luncheon and Nominating Committees for BAC.

In addition to his spouse Cathyann and Family, John’s passions are mentoring and counseling entrepreneurs. His hobbies include high performance sports cars, basketball (especially NBA), baseball, football, technology, live entertainment and music.

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