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BAC Member Advisers Team

John McMillan

John H. McMillan graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Science. He spent 40 years working at the Oatey Company, a diversified manufacturer of products for the residential, commercial and Do it Yourself plumbing markets. His career consisted of a series of sales and sales management positions followed by executive management roles. He stepped back from an active role in 2016 after six years as the Chief Executive Officer. His areas of expertise include sales, marketing, and general management.

"BAC gives me the opportunity to interact with people who are eager to build a better life for themselves.  The most driven clients know where they want to go and just want some advice with how to get there.  Working as a team with other BAC members, we can provide just what they need.  It is personally gratifying to see the client take that ball and run.”

John McMillan Executive Mentor at Business Advisers of Cleveland
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