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William Braun

Bill Braun began his business career in finance and accounting for a small but rapidly growing specialty chemical company. There he had first-hand experience in managing cash flow, operational efficiency, management team building, manufacturing and sales administration. In 1980 Bill purchased Custom Rubber Corp., a designer and manufacturer of elastomeric components. Bill currently serves as Chairman.


A graduate of Harvard with a degree in Economics, Bill served in Viet Nam as Lt SC, USNR and received an MBA from University of Michigan.

“When I bought my company, I had zero knowledge about making elastomeric components but was able to locate three retired tire company executives who graciously directed me to courses given at the University of Akron while mentoring me on the fine details of the industry. Their help was instrumental to my success, and that is why I view BAC’s counseling as so essential. If I can help an entrepreneur avoid the business mistakes which I made they will be more likely to build a strong and lasting organization. I find that personally rewarding.”

Bill Braun
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